Expert Care


Lactation Consultants

We have board-certified, registered nurses on staff who are available at no charge to help our mothers who choose to do so learn the skill of breastfeeding. These nurses are available to answer all of your questions including how to express and store milk and where to get breast pumps and are also available by appointment after you leave the hospital. Or, you can call the Baby Helpline at (256) 768-9525 for more information.

Newborn Care

We realize that all of our new mothers might not be able to attend our Childbirth Education Classes. In addition, second-time moms can often use a “refresher” class. We offer hour-long Newborn Care Class for all our mothers before they leave the hospital. Basic information is reviewed including holding, diapering, feeding, bathing and cord care. In addiction, your nurses are always available to answer your questions in the hospital and we hope you'll feel free to call our Baby Helpline at (256) 768-9525 after you go home.


Special Care Nursery

If your baby is born prematurely or has a problem that requires closer attention and monitoring, you have the reassurance of knowing that he or she can be taken to our Special Care Nursery. Our staff is specifically trained to care for our tiniest patients. You can be comfortable in knowing that the latest technology is available to you and your newborn should the need arise.


Nursery Viewing Window

Our newborn nursery will feature special viewing windows so young children can see their new baby brothers or sisters.

Hospitality Room

As a courtesy to those awaiting the arrival of a new addition to the family, we offer a complimentary coffee bar.


Family and Friends Visitation

Visiting hours are flexible to accommodate the needs of the entire family. Overnight accommodations are available in each suite for dad or your support person. Before you come to the hospital, we encourage you to make arrangements for a family member or friend to care for your other children while you are in the hospital, but brothers and sisters of the new baby are encouraged to visit during your stay.
For the sake of your newborn's health, visitors should be free from illness. To prevent infection, we ask that all visitors thoroughly scrub their hands, either at the sink or at the waterless hand washing dispenser in your room, before holding your baby. If you have concerns, please discuss them with your baby's pediatrician. You may wish to tell potential visitors of a convenient time to visit you or your baby. Our nurses will be happy to inform visitors of your desire for privacy for occasional naps or just private time with your newborn. ECM Hospital has a NO SMOKING policy for patients, visitors and staff members.

Infant Security

We are as concerned about your baby’s safety as you are, and we take every precaution to ensure each infant’s safety. Our nurseries are attended at all times by hospital staff, and access is restricted. We have multiple security checks, which we will explain to you when you are admitted to the hospital.


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